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2023: Steam Update

This was posted for the Women in Gaming group over on Steam, if you play video games and would like to join that group, please feel free to send a request and I'll let you in!


Hey Folks,

I know it's been a while since I made any update, but I'm still out here gaming! The last couple of years have been hard for everyone (duh), and I recently got shitty news, so I'm most likely be cramming even more gaming hours for the time being.

I'm curious to hear about what it is y'all are playing at the moment. I'm still obsessed with Northgard (and CIV!!), but there is also Raft (which is such a cozy experience if you play it on peaceful mode), I'm still in love with management, so obviously I also fell in love with Urbek City Builder, Two Points Campus, Meowjiro (it's so cute and fun) and recently have been trying (again) to figure out how to not fail in Cities: Skyline, especially considering that they just announced Cities: Skyline 2, is anyone else hyped?

The Women in Gaming group in Steam has been pretty dead since nobody uses the forums and whatnot but I'd still love to give it a try, talk to fellow gamers and hear about what you'd enjoyed or hated playing recently, as well as your own current obsession.

ALSO! I still stream occasionally and upload those streams on YouTube so please make sure to check out my Twitch as well as my YouTube!

I hope to hear from y'all,

Aurelie aka AWOTI



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