Diabetic Merch Ft. Bunny Dee

As most of you know I am pretty vocal about my experiences as a Type 1 diabetic, my struggles etc. and I have been wanting to be more vocal and support fellow Type 1s, so here I'm wearing the 'Type 1 Babe' shirt and some pins from fellow T1 & Feminist Bunny Bee. Make sure to check out her Instagram (@BunnyDee) and her Etsy; https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/bunnydee - to look at her diabetic and/or feminist merch.

Type 1 Babe shirt: https://etsy.me/2C0zUaC

Black Cat Feminist Enamel Pin: https://etsy.me/2IFyIuC

Cat love rose gold wrapped pin: https://etsy.me/2PcHvXx