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Lights of All x A Woman on the Internet

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I had the honour of wearing some pieces by Lights of All a little while ago, and to be shot by the talented Magalie Massey. Time after time I am in awe of the talented women I meet here in Montreal, brilliant and passionate, I am so humbled to be given the pleasure to take part in the craft.

Lights of All is a vegan and sustainable clothing label that is also eco-friendly and has a minimalist, simple yet elegant style.

Wearing the beautiful Ballet Top & Every Tank - in Sand.

I hope you are all remembering to take care of yourself during these holidays. This time of the year can be hard, isolating, whether you are struggling mentally & emotionally, or financially, many of us are also going through hard times with our physical health, it's all just so easy to slip into a place where you put your needs & yourself aside - this is your reminder to take a minute to b r e a t h e, eat properly (or in my case, try not to over eat and binge which makes me feel so awful), shower, take a walk, talk to someone who will actually ask you how you are doing, pet a cat, hug a dog, be a good friend to yourself and give yourself what you need as best as you can. And remember this: you are worthy, you are lovable, you are more capable than you may realize.

I share a lot of my personal vulnerabilities. I think there's something important about stripping ourselves down and talking about our struggles in an age where so much is filtered & re-packaged for easier consumption. I've been thinking a lot about some of my accomplishments in 2018 and the things I want to do in 2019, these thoughts can be exciting, even inspiring, but they often also are anxiety-inducing. I've been writing about where and when I feel my softest and truest self; the in-between, the transition, the quiet moments, the taps of rain on a window, a morning bus ride, the deep breath you take when you close the bathroom door and realize you really needed to be with yourself.

Wearing the Sarong - in Rose Quartz

Clothes by Lights of All

Photos by Magalie Massey

Shot at Namkha Cafe, in Montreal, Quebec.

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