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My 10 Years Challenge

I never ended up doing the "10 years challenge" so here's me, once again, being behind on trends. 18 years old Aurélie (hard cringe) vs 28 years old Aurélie.

To add layers to this;

(TW: r*pe, abuse, self-harm, suicide)

At the risk of being a debby downer, 18 years old Aurélie was a very, very troubled person.

This was a few weeks after I'd been raped, my relationship with my family was already bad due to big issues that were resurfacing from the physical and sexual abuse I experienced as a kid, and coming out as gay the year before (before I realized I was pan). The "friends" I had had started to distance themselves from me because of my mental instability, eventually deep depression and suicide attempt, multiple failed relationships (largely because of those issues), I was a very heavy cutter — is basically really hated myself.

To ten years later. A 28 years old Aurélie, with actual friends, almost 6 years into a relationship, engaged, having cut ties with my toxic family, no more cutting, no more shame for the things that others put me through, no more self-hatred for the olive in my skin nor the curls in my hair.

I am still pretty messed up, struggling me, but light years away from who and where I was.

Aurelie Sanhaji smiling in a purple tank top

And I think that's the "10 years challenge" that truly matters.

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