25 queer games to play because it's Pride Month, baby

Updated: Sep 19

It's Pride Month, baby! I made a list last year sharing a few queer games for the queer and the theys, so I thought I'd add to the list because there's never enough queer games out there. Some are cute, some are fun, some of these games are depressing and real as hell and some are...weird. (Looking at you Later Daters) Speaking of...

1. Later Daters

"You’re the newest resident at Ye OLDE retirement community, where you’ll meet a cast of sexy seniors who are all dying (not literally) to meet you. It’s a lot like summer camp, but with orthopedic shoes, bridge clubs, and more jell-o. It’s an adjustment as you settle in, but who knows: maybe these will turn out to be the best years of your life!"

"Later Daters is a wholesome dating sim about queer seniors. The game, from Toronto developer Bloom, is a romantic romp that sheds light on the lives and stories of queer and trans elders." And with some of the most racially and culturally diverse cast of characters I've ever seen!

Later Daters is available on: Steam, itch.io and Nintendo Store.

Price: Under 10$

2. Your Royal Gayness

"Ah, fairy tales! The Prince saves the Princess, they get married and live happily ever after - or that's how it usually goes. But what if the Prince was gay?

Your Royal Gayness is a story-driven fairytale parody game where you must navigate royal life as Prince Amir and rule your kingdom while your parents - the King and Queen - are traveling. Manage your Kingdom's resources, make challenging choices and come up with funny and absurd excuses to avoid marriage!"