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The Plan Review

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

"Every word you read of this useless print is another second of your life."

The Plan is a free steam game developed by Krillbite Studio, and a game I got for two reasons. One, it took surprisingly absolutely beautiful and quirky, second, well, it was free

In The Plan, you play as a fly and your purpose In life is to fly up and up, and avoid the many, MANY things that threatens to crash onto you and end your life: leaves, the wind etc

And, well, that’s it!

For a game with such a simple concept, goal and game-play, I had prepared myself to mock it, laugh a bit, uninstall it and never thing of it again. But as it turned out, I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit in The Plan, although I can’t necessarily say that the game was challenging, I must say that it’s ending and conclusion, and, oh my god, it’s SOUNDTRACK, were mind-blowingly amazing and if The Plan had cost me anything, anything at all, I would have sat on my office chair filled with a lot of things but free of any regret for my purchase.

10/10Would play it again, great music, great graphics, ending that left me laughing and yelling so hard out of, well, a lot of different feelings, would recommend to anyone who wants to spend 5 minutes in a pretty sweet & simple game.

Available on: PC (You can also just download it)

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