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Aurelie Sanhaji

Created by Aurelie Meriem Sanhaji [Also known as Aurelie Nix] in 2015 following a series of online harassment and later on the violent attacks from a group of MRAs (Self-titled Men's Rights Activist, A Woman on the Internet was originally created to serve as a platform for marginalized groups, their experiences and the unique type of violence and discrimination that takes place in online spaces.


A Woman on the Internet is a blog & community that discusses social issues relating to sexism, racism, LGBTQA+ rights etc from an Intersectional Feminism point of view, while also publishing various types of reviews and articles on; video games, TV shows & media in general.

A Woman on the internet was created by Aurelie Sanhaji [Originally known under the pseudonym Aurelie Nix], a 32 years old, first generation immigrant, queer, disabled, Amazigh (North African Indigenous) woman. Born in France in 1991, her parents immigrated to Quebec, Canada when she was an infant and she has been there ever since. She is an Intersectional Feminist who is passionate about her Amazigh culture and heritage and is very open about her struggle as a disabled woman, as well as her struggle with endometriosis, depression, anxiety and Type 1 Diabetes. She likes cats, matcha, video games, true crime podcasts, Japan and is a foodie. Aurelie Sanhaji currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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