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Learning to write again, thanks Baldur's Gate 3

So, the internet was shaken to its core when Baldu'rs Gate 3 was finally released in August 2023, and I have not known peace ever since.

 I wasn't necessarily planning on playing Baldur's Gate 3, sure, I was keeping an eye out for it, but, otherwise, I wasn't really planning on it, until my good friend Sean made the grave mistake of gifting me a copy of the game, and this, was the beginning of the end.

 Back in my teens, and I really mean in the depth of my 15-year-old angsty self, I was writing a lot. I’d been writing on a regular basis since a young age, by that time, keeping a journal that I would add entries to on a daily basis, and then weekly, until I grew bored and discovered, gasp, Naturo, and the angst of Sasuke and Sakura.

Lord, am I glad the internet wasn’t quite as permanent then as it is now. Nobody needs to know what my 15-year-old self was thinking let alone fantasizing about, especially me.

Let the past remain in the past.

That being said, since the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 in August 2023, my mind had been attacked with a need for fanfictions, which I have very happily consumed in large quantities since, but have not felt satisfied with, not truly, not until I added what I felt was my god given responsibility to add, throw into the universe to the vultures, those poor, needy and horny souls.

I thought I would sort of plug my Archive of our Own link here, and, gently, but loudly, share what I have been working on since November, when I lost my mind entirely before leaving for vacation (thank god for that forced break but lord, hold me back!). I have been working on a Baldur’s Gate fanfiction since november which has grown to almost 50k words and close to 30k hits, as well as a fresh, one off, one short fanfiction.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been shameless and shame-free about this little adventure of mine, seeing as it has revived my love for creative writing as well as erotic writing. I truly think I have missed out whenever I chose not to try a career in erotica writing but, alas, here we are, and the BG3 gods are not kind to me. Please consider checking those links out, whether you play BG3, play video games at all, or not at all and just enjoy reading some sexy time. My AO3 profile: What I Want: A Mistake Aching to be Corrected:



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